Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rest and Relaxation!

Finally! A time for rest and relaxation. After leaving work at 3:10 p.m., I raced home (just a bit over the speed limit), poured a glass of smooth soy milk, and got comfortable on the back porch! Toby is watching the activity from his "tube." As folks returned home from school and work, we began hearing the buzz of lawn mowers, the clatter of silverware on patio tables, the sweet summer song of the locusts, and, interestingly, the song of a pileated woodpecker! I had been hearing that particular song throughout the summer and finally identified it through Google! My home is in an older, established neighborhood with older, established trees lining the streets and backyard fence lines. Pileated woodpeckers choose forest areas and are known for keeping their distance from humans. This guy (a little bit of red identifies this one as a male) finally swooped low enough for me to catch a glimpse. The down side to this story is that pileated woodpeckers consume CARPENTER ANTS. Yikes! Well . . . at least the ants will be consumed, which, hopefully, will keep them away from my home! Now . . . back to my rest and relaxation!
Until next time . . . On The Back Porch

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